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Playtime Toy Unboxing is not your typical Youtube channel or Toy Collector website.  Sure we love playing with the toys we get, but we feel it is VERY important to share what we learn, about the toys and playsets we open, with parents at home.  Each video we post contains a solid and honest review of the toy in the video.  These reviews are honest and accurate and you will not find anything in greater detail.  If we feel the specific toy is worth purchasing, we will let you know.  Does it break easily?  We will let you know!  Does it get 0 playtime after it has been opened?  Unlike some toy channels out there, WE have a 4 year old and SHE will let you know.  


We rate toys on a scale of 0-10.  We take into account, the design, safety, materials, reusability, reliability, size, price, and flaws, when doing our toy reviews.  The most important factor, however, is the simplest….is it FUN!?  

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