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My Little Pony Blind Bags opening for kids MLP toys surprise kinder for children
My Little Pony Blind Bags opening for kids MLP toys surprise kinder for children

Today, Play Time Toy Unboxing will be opening some awesome My Little Pony Blind Bags in search for PINKY PIE. Do you think we can find her inside? Join us for some unboxing for kids and please don’t forget to subscribe and click the like button for more videos that your child will enjoy. Also please stay tuned for awesome contests, prizes, and giveaways, that we will be running. The My Little Pony Friendship is Magic retail toys come in several varieties: Playful Ponies, which are the “standard” size G4 toys; Fashion Style ponies, which are the large G4 toys; and “Ponyville”, which are the small variety of toys.
The standard and large toys have brushable, colorful, style-it-yourself hair that follows the classic My Little Pony toy lines for which the franchise is known. Mini-figures
Assorted molded pony toys

Mini-figure toys of Applejack, Beachberry, Bumblesweet, Cherry Spices, Coconut Cream, Firecracker Burst, Fizzypop, Flower Wishes, Fluttershy, Lemon Hearts, Lucky Swirl, Minty, Pepperdance, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Roseluck, Stardash, Sugar Grape, Sweetcream Scoops, Sweetie Blue, Sweetie Swirl, and Twilight Sparkle
In addition to the larger toys, there are mini-figures which are sold individually in blister packs, in individual “mystery packs”,[14] or in sets of several ponies.
Mystery packs
The mystery pack or blind bag toys are sold in opaque packaging without noting which toy is in the bag, except for a small serial number printed in raised digits at the corner of the packaging. The mystery packs are available in North America, continental Europe and the UK,[15] though some figures, including all of the main cast but Fluttershy, are on sale in separate boxes. There are 8 “waves” of mystery packs, each wave consisting of twenty-four different figures and collector cards sold with the same packaging. Male Earth ponies were introduced in the third wave, female Alicorns in the fifth wave, and male unicorns and a female griffon in the eighth wave.[16][17] During 2011, Waves 1 and 2 were each released in Europe, and Wave 1 also began appearing in Australia.[18] Midway through January 2012, Wave 3 bags started appearing in Asda stores. In late-January 2012, Wave 1 of the mystery packs began appearing in New Zealand. In North America, Wave 1 became available at Walmart around January 2012 and began appearing at other stores (Meijer, Toys “R” Us) between then and late March, Waves 3 and 4 were released in mid-2012, Waves 5 and 6 became available in November 2012,[19][20] and Wave 7 became available in January 2013.[21] Wave 8 has been put up online by Tesco[17] and has also become available. Wave 9 became available at Hot Topic[22] in November 2013. Wave 10 became available in April 2014,[23] Wave 11 in September 2014,[24] and Wave 12 in January 2015.[25] An Apple family-themed Wave 13 is to be released sometime in 2015.[26] Wave 3 figures have also been sold packaged with chocolate Easter eggs in Brazil.[27]